Our Philosophy
We at On Sight Shooting School are dedicated to the belief that we not only have the
right to bear arms, we have the responsibility to do so in a safe, competent manner.

That's why we provide the ideal place for you to learn about handguns in a fun, safe
environment. We don't have the "drill sergeant" mentality like many other schools.
Our goal is to make you a safe, proficient shooter. How far you want to take those
skills is totally up to you!

About the Staff of On Sight Shooting School
Our staff's knowledge is as diverse as the courses we teach. The one thing we are certain of
is that you will be instructed by a knowledgable, professional instructor of the highest caliber.

Our goal is to make you a more confident, competant and safe shooter!

Meet Our Staff:

Dan Neidig - Owner/Instructor
Dan is originally from a small town in Ohio. After graduation from high school he joined the military as a medic. He was assigned to an infantry unit where he was cross trained as an armorer and a small arms instructor. He specialized in teaching Handgun and Rifle courses. While he was in the Army he earned his degree in Nursing and worked in the ICU until he retired.

He is an NRA certified Instructor in both the Pistol and Personal Protection in The Home. He has also instructed at one of the largest handgun resorts in the world. He can currently teach the AZ CCW course and the AZ DPS Security Guard Courses (armed, unarmed and refresher courses), as well as all of the courses offered at On Sight Shooting School.

In addition to teaching handgun, rifle and shotgun courses, Dan is also a PADI certified SCUBA Instructor teaching everything from entry level to Instructor  level SCUBA courses. He is also a certified instructor for the American Heart Association and Emergency First Response CPR and First Aid Courses.

Dee Neidig - Owner/Sales
Dee was born in Minnesota and raised in California. She has travelled the world and discovered that she really likes Belize and would love to live there someday! Dee has over 30 years of experience in sales and management! She has been an avid shooter for over a decade and has a passion for Sig Sauer firearms. In addition to being part owner of the gun shop, Dee also enjoys recreational diving and loves to cook!

Adam Bystrom - Lead Instructor/Sales
Adam was born in Davenport, IA and started his love for shooting, hunting, and fishing at the young age of 4. After graduating from high school in Tucson, AZ he started teaching and instructing in swordsmanship, stage fighting, and medieval studies. He has volunteered teaching history at schools, worked with habitat creation through Quail Unlimited, and was part of the B.L.M. Wild Land Fire Crew.

Adam is sometimes known as the “Knife Guy” around the shop, and is versed in many weapons, both bladed and barreled. Being an NRA certified instructor in Pistol and Personal Protection In The Home is a labor of love for Adam, and he greatly enjoys working with his students.

Chris Andrews - Instructor/Sales
Chris has lived in Arizona almost his entire life. He grew up in the northern part of the state and his back yard was essentially a 52,000 acre area to explore! He first went hunting when he was only 8 years old and started fishing when he was around 5 years old!

After retiring from the Marines, Chris enlisted in the Army. All together, he has almost 30 years of military service. During these years in the military he was on the Marine Corp Rifle Team for two years, was an armorer for 6 years and was also a Primary Marksmanship Instructor for two years. Chris is an NRA-certified instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home.

Daniel Fox - Glock Armorer/Sales/Webmaster
Daniel was born in the Chicago area, but has lived in Arizona almost his entire life. He graduated from Arizona State University with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. He is EPA Section 609 certified in CFC-12 refrigerant recycling and service. Daniel holds a CRLA Level 1 college tutoring certificate.  He also graduated from the Casa Grande Police Department Citizen Volunteer Police Academy as well as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Citizen's Academy.

Daniel owns, restores and drives classic cars. He is currently the president of the Arizona DeLorean car club. He is an avid shooter and firearms collector. He especially enjoys the older, odd, novelty and/or somewhat rare guns! Daniel is an NRA-certified instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home, as well as being a Glock-certified armorer and a graduate of the Benchmade Academy with a degree in "Knife Performance and Technology"!

Ray Zak - Instructor/Fingerprints
Ray was born and raised in New York. He lived there until moving to Arizona with his wife in 2007. Ray retired from his job as a union elevator constructor and was also a licensed New York City locksmith. He was in the National Guard for six years. Currently, Ray is a third-degree Master Mason and a York Rite Knights Templar.

Ray is an NRA-certified instructor in Basics of Pistol Shooting and Personal Protection in the Home. Ray is also a federally-licensed fingerprint technician. He does all of the fingerprinting for On Sight Shooting School's CCW classes.

Gary Gardner - Sales

Gary came to Arizona in 1973 after USAF pilot training and as a Titan II missile crew officer. He has competed in both handgun combat matches and silhouette competitions. He favors large-bore rifles and handguns and has enjoyed reloading ammunition since shortly after his arrival in Arizona. Gary holds NRA instructor certifications in 8 categories: home firearm safety; metallic cartridge reloading; pistol; rifle; shotgun; shotgun shell reloading; personal protection in the home; personal protection outside the home. He will be instructing classes on reloading (date TBD).

Gary’s degree is in chemistry and he has significant experience in process engineering, quality control and QC management. He creates welding procedures and conducts testing and qualification of welders. He also instructs welding inspection and quality control at two community colleges and is our go-to person for welding, brazing and soldering. He serves on the executive committee of the Arizona chapter of American Welding Society and is one of three AWS senior certified welding inspectors (SCWI) in the state. Gary is also an amateur radio operator, a volunteer severe weather spotter for NOAA and operates an assortment of telescopes on clear nights.

Jael Dawson - Instructor/Sales

Introduced to shooting sports in her mid 20s, Jael quickly developed a passion for pistol, rifle, and shotgun sports. As a woman, she easily relates to women new to shooting sports and self-defense training. As a volunteer for the Department of Conservation since 2010, she has organized women's programs devoting over 700 hours of her personal time as a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and introducing women to shooting sports since 2013. She is NRA certified to teach Basic Pistol, and Basic Rifle and will soon be an instructor for Civilian Force Concepts and the Zero to Hero training program. She teaches shotgun shooting, archery, atlatl, and crossbow. Hobbies include long walks to the gun store, date nights shooting pistols and rifles, as well as shooting trap, skeet, and sporting clays.

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