Classes Currently Offered by On Sight Shooting School
AZ CCW Course || Glock Class || 1911 Class || AR-15 Class

- Arizona CCW Course -
Permit valid in 37 states!
Our concealed carry course (CCW) is a two-day event. It consists of
Friday night classroom instruction (conveniently located right in our shop) and
is immediately followed by Saturday morning at the range. The range portion of
the class is held at the private outdoor range at Central Arizona College (CAC).

Stop by the shop in advance to register for a class. Classes fill up quickly!
Mention website code "WEBCCW" and receive $20 off the regular price of $89!
- 2017 CCW Class Schedule -
Friday Nov. 10 @ 4:00PM & Saturday Nov. 11 @ 7:00AM
Friday Nov. 17 @ 4:00PM & Saturday Nov. 18 @ 7:00AM
Friday Dec. 8 @ 4:00PM & Saturday Dec. 9 @ 7:00AM
Friday Dec. 15 @ 4:00PM & Saturday Dec. 16 @ 7:00AM

Coming soon...
Ask about our Glock class!
Class will cover the Glock basics, including a brief history, proper cleaning and lubrication,
& tear-down and reassembly! Class cost includes a free Glock cleaning mat (a $14.95 value)
and a coupon for 10% off any in-stock firearm cleaning supplies!

The classroom is all set up for the next fun and informative CCW class!

One of our certified instructors setting up targets at the range!

Firearm Safety!

-Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
-Never let the muzzle point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
-Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you're ready to shoot.
-Be sure of your target and what's inline with your target.

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